C Programming

C++ Programming

C++ Programming is a general purpose Object oriented programming (OOP) language and it is an extension of c programming language. What is object oriented programming: OOP is a programming model or paradigm in which everything is based on objects. There are different features of object oriented programming language such as everything is object, emphasis on data rather …

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C Programming

C Programming  is a basic programming language and most commonly used programming language. C is known as structured high level language. C programming language is purely a procedural oriented language because it is mainly focuses on the procedures in which we write the program. C first developed by Dennis Ritchie at At and T bell Laboratory in …

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Preprocessor Directives

Preprocessor Directives In this tutorial we are going to learn Preprocessor directives in c. Preprocessor directives are the statements which tells the compiler to change the program floor to include library in file (or to import external files). Preprocessor directives are the first statement of the program. Preprocessor directives are start with the # symbol and it …

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