Find largest number using function

Find largest number using function is simple program which we are implementing using functions in c++.

In this tutorial we will see what is function,  c++ program find largest number using function.

What is function :  function is block of code.

How to Find greater number using function

First we declare function which finds greater number , we define function by finding max number and we call function from main function by passing two numbers to function.


  1. Start
  2. Define function which finds large number
  3. Write main function
  4. Take two number input
  5. Pass number and call function
  6. End

C++ program to find largest number using function

12345678910111213141516171819#include <iostream>using namespace std;int large(int x, int y);int main(){    int a,b;cout<<“Enter 2 numbers\n”;  cin>>a>>b;  int res = large(a, b);   // Function call  cout<<“Greater number is = “<<res;    return 0;}int large(int x, int y)   // Function Definition{  return( x>y?x:y );}

Output :

c++ program to find largest number using function
c++ program to find largest number using function

Explanation :

1. Execution starts with the main function.

2. Declare variable

a , b => to numbers

3. Take two numbers input.

cin>>a>>b;  => a= 12 , b =10

4.Call function to find max

large(a, b);  => function executed

int large(int x, int y){  x= 12 , y= 10

return( x>y?x:y );  => 12>10 => condition true so x returned

 }   => returned to main function

5. Print greater value 

cout<<“Greater number is = “<<res;

=> Greater number is = 12