Find leap year

Find leap year : In this tutorial, we are going to learn new program which is program for leap year

leap year program in cpp is very simple and easy program to write.

What is a leap year

Leap year is calendar year having one extra day which is to make a synchronized and seasonal year. Leap year contains 366 days while one ordinary year has 365 days.

Rules for leap year

1. The year is leap year which is perfectly divided by 4 – excepts for year divisible by 100 and not by 400.
2. The century years are leap years such as 1600, 2000 and century year 1700, 1800,1900 are not leap year.

How we find leap year:

1. The number (year) perfectly divisible by 400 and 4 is a leap year.
2. And number perfectly divided by 100 and other year are not leap year.

Now, we know how to find year is a leap year or not, so let’s see leap year program in cpp


this algorithm show how to Find given number is a leap year or not.

1. Start
2. Take input year from the user.
3. Check condition for leap year.
4. If it’s leap year print number is a leap year.
5. Otherwise, print number is not leap year.
6. End.

C++ Program to Check Leap Year

1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829#include <iostream>using namespace std;int main(){int year;cout<<“Enter the year you want to check\n”;//take a user inputcin>>year;//check leap year.if(year%400==0){cout<<year <<” is leap year\n”;}else if(year%100==0){cout<<year <<” is not leap year\n”;}else if(year%4==0){cout<<year <<” is leap year\n”;}else{cout<<year <<” is not leap year\n”;}    return 0;}


leap year program in cpp
leap year program in cpp


1. Execution starts with the main function.

2. Declare variable 

=> year tostore year input

3. Next we take a year input from user


=> year = 2019

4. Now main logic to find year year leap year or not.

if(year%400==0) => condition false

else if(year%100==0) {

=> condition false

else if(year%4==0)

=> condition false

else {   => else block executed

cout<<year <<” is not leap year\n”; => 2019 is not leap year


5.  End with the program.