Operators in C

Operators are the symbols which performs various operations on operands such as addition,subtraction,multiplications,divisions or modulus etc.

  • Operators performs various mathematical operations.
  • operands are which on which operators performs these operations.
  • Operators performs operations and results stored into the variables (operands) as result value of expression.
  • C provides various operators which are as follows:
  1. Arithmetic operators
  2. Increment and decrements operators
  3. Logical operators
  4. Bitwise operators
  5. Assignment operators
  6. Relational operators
  7. Cast operators
  • Arithmetic operators : Arithmetic operators are used to performs various Arithmetic operations on operands.Arithmetic operators must have two operands. Arithmetic operators are : + (addition) , -(subtraction), *(multiplication) , /(division), %(modulus)

Example :  a+b=c

  • Increment and decrements operators : This operator used to add or subtract number by 1 Increment operator used to increment operand value by 1 and decrement operand used for decrements value by 1.We only require one operand for this.operator can be prefix or postfix that is  write operand after and before operators.

Increment ++ , Decrement —

  1. Prefix operators : In this we write operators before the operands.that is value first increments before the result of expression.
  2. Postfix operators : In this we write operators after the operands.that is value first increments after the result of expression.

Example : a++;


  • Logical Operators : Logical operators used for performing logical operations such as Logical AND , Logical OR , Logical NOT.
  1. Logical AND (&&) : This operator returns true if both operands are non zero.
  2. Logical OR(||) : This operators returns true if either one of two operands are non zero.
  3. Logical NOT(!) : This operators used to make condition reverse that is if condition true it returns false.
  • Relational Operators : This operators used to check relation between the two operands.Relational operators are as follow:
  1. < Less than
  2. > greater than
  3. <= Less than equal to
  4. >=greater than equal to
  5. == equal to
  • Assignment Operators : This used for assigning the result to operand after expression solved.we assign result to operands which is at left end.Assignment operators are as follow:
  1. = equal to
  2. += Add and assign result to operand a+=b => a=a+b
  3. -= subtract and assign result to operand a-=b => a=a-b
  4. *= multiply and assign result to operand a*=b => a=a*b
  5. /= divide and assign result to operand a/=b => a=a/b
  • Bitwise Operator : This performs on bit present in each byte of variable.bit can be 0 or 1.bitwise operators are as follow:
  1. ~ one’s complements
  2. << left shift (Binary multiplication by 2)
  3. >> Right shift (Binary divide by 2)
  • Cast Operators :This used to convert a value of operands to another type that is int to float or any type.

Example : float(10);

1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526//program to understand Logical and relational operator and Assignment operatorand cast operator.#include<stdio.h>void main(){int no1,no2;no1=5;   //Assignment operatorno2;10;printf(“Assignment operator executed and no1=%d\n”,no1);if(no1==5 && no2==10) {  printf(“Logical AND operator executed\n”);}if(no1<no2){printf(“Relational < operator executed”);}float(no2);printf(“Cast operator executed no2=%f”,no2);  }Output:Assignment operator executed and no1=5Logical AND operator executedRelational < operator executedCast operator executed no2=10.0


123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930//program to understand arithmetic operators and Increment and decrement operators.#include<stdio.h>void main(){int no1,no2,add,sub,mul,div;int inc,dec;no1=10;no2=10;inc=2;dec=2;add=no1+no2;sub=no1-no2;mul=no1*no2;div=no1/no2;printf(“addition=:%d\n”,add);printf(“subtraction=:%d\n”,sub);printf(“multiplication=:%d\n”,mul);printf(“division=:%d”,div);printf(“Postfix Increment=:%d\n”,inc++);printf(“Prefix Decrements=:%d\n”,–dec);}Output:addition=20subtraction=0multiplication=100division=0Postfix Increment=2Prefix Decrements=1


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