Output stream

Output stream : Cout is a Output stream in cpp programming.

For printing the statement to the screen the cout output stream is used .

Cout meaning : Cout is the instant of the iostream class.

For Formatted output operation, cout is used .

The cout is used together with the insertion operator which is written as << (two less than opeartor together).

cout syntax :

cout<< statement ;


cout<< “technical seek”;.

It prints technical seek statement to the output screen.

cout << 50;

It prints 50 value to output screen.

cout << x;

It prints the value of the variable x to output screen.

The insertion operator << inserts the data that follows it into the stream.in above example the technical seek, 50 and value of x is inserted into the cout Output stream.



cout << ” technical”;

It prints the technical to output screen.

cout << technical;

It prints the value of technical variable.

Multiple insertion operator << used to chain the statement.


cout << “learn”<< “at” <<“technicalseek”<<“site”;

This will print as , learn at technicalseek site

Usually multiple insertion operator (chaining) used to mix the literals and variable.


cout <<” the value is “<<10;

This will print , the value is 10

Program for output stream

12345678910111213141516171819202122#include <iostream>using namespace std;int main(){int no ;no = 10;cout <<” Output stream\n”;// cout for printing to output screen// Print string literal using multiple insertion operatorcout << “learn cout “<<” output stream at”<<” technicalseek site”;cout<<” \nThe value = “<<no;    return 0;}

Output :

cout in cpp
cout in cpp

Program description

1. In above program we print string literal and variable to output screen.

2. We write simple string literal using cout<<“output stream “;

3. Using multiple insertion operator<< we write the second cout

4. Next we print the value of the variable no .