Print alphabets a to z in c

In this tutorial, we are going to see a program to Print alphabets a to z.

For this program you only require to know the following c programming concept :

Looping in c: for loop, while loop, do while loop

Logic: As we know the English alphabets Starr from a and ends with z. So using for loop we iterate from start letter a and iterate till we encounter z letter and simultaneously we print each letter.


  1. Start
  2. Write the main method.
  3. Declare character variable to store first alphabet letter.
  4. Use for loop for iteration starting from a and iterate till the end.
  5. Print alphabet
  6. If loop encounter ends then stop.
  7. End.

As we know logic and algorithm let’s see the program to print a to z alphabet.

C program to print alphabets from a to z

1234567891011121314151617# include<stdio.h>void main(){char c;for(char c = ‘a’ ; c <= ‘z’ ; c ++){printf(“%c\t”,c);}}



1. First, include the stdio preprocessor directory in a program.

2. write a main function.

3. Declare variable

c => to store the first character

4. Next write for loop

for(char c = ‘a’ ; c <= ‘z’ ; c ++)

store first character to c => a after that loop checks condition a <= z which becomes true and enters into loop block and prints the alphabet a.

Increment the character c becomes b c= b now again it checks condition b <= z which becomes true and enters in block and prints b. This process continues till z encounters. When z encountered the condition becomes false and come out of the loop.

5. End.